When should you call a gardening coach?
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  • You wake up one day and realize your garden has become a jungle. Help!
  • Your once cool shade garden is no longer shaded by mighty ash trees and the hostas are frying.
  • You want to sell the house but it needs more curb appeal.
  • You just moved into a new build and have a whole property to landscape.
  • The garden needs a tune-up — some fresh ideas about what to add/subtract from the scene, maybe try some new and more unusual plants.
  • Any time is good for a consultation, but in terms of doing work in the garden, some tasks are better done in spring and others later in the season.


Moved to a new property? I can:
  • I.D. emerging plants;
  • design or redesign the space to fit your needs and preferences, whether it’s a blank slate or a jungle.

In your existing garden, I can:
  • Assess and re-evaluate existing plantings and overall design;
  • Show how to divide/ rearrange perennials for stronger impact;
  • Advise on pruning/ removal of overgrown or unhealthy plants as needed;
  • Suggest new perennials and “woodies” to enhance the garden.


Looking at a jungle in your yard? Now is the time to…
  • see what’s working and what isn’t ● plan how the overall design can be improved;
  • decide which plantings need thinning/dividing ● plant new shrubs/trees (September).
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