Let Ottawa Gardening Coach Josie Pazdzior design your outdoor space to realize its full potential
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Ottawa Personal Gardening Coach Josie Pazdzior will help you create a beautiful garden. Her studies in the horticultural technician program at Algonquin college complement years of gardening experience and designing gardens. She is active in the local gardening community, volunteering with the Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton and other horticultural groups. Josie has visited, created, and worked in many different gardens, and is familiar with the challenges that Ottawa area gardeners face. She can help you avoid costly mistakes that may also end up losing years of growing time.
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Even if you’re not yet a gardener, with a little help you can create a beautiful garden yourself.
Josie Pazdzior, Personal gardening coach
  • Studied in horticultural technician program at Algonquin college
  • Has years of gardening experience and creating urban gardens
  • Volunteers with Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton, organized design workshops
  • Long-time volunteer with The Ottawa Horticultural Society & the Ottawa Valley Rock Garden Society
  • Speaker at garden clubs
  • Former teacher, bed and breakfast owner

Services provided
  • Garden design consultation
  • Personal coaching in plant knowledge and gardening practices
  • Renovation and renewal of gardens