I offer a range of services for novice and experienced gardeners
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I offer a range of services for novice and experienced gardeners from a one hour consultation to a property makeover project. I enjoy working with clients as they discover the joy of gardening and creating beautiful outdoor spaces. I can do an instant cookie-cutter garden if needed, but I prefer to share in a creative process whose outcome will give years of personal satisfaction. Flexibility is important when you’re working with nature, and plans often have to change somewhat in response to site, weather, or supply conditions. My rates are also flexible and the ultimate cost depends on the scale of work and how much of it I end up doing. The cost will be reasonable, maybe less than expected.

A one-time onsite design consultation providing site assessment and design suggestions is approximately $150. A more detailed design requires additional work. The cost of working on site to implement the design is charged roughly by hours worked, at $35/hr. The client decides how much or how little they want to be involved in both the creative and practical process.

Design and Consultation Process
  • Site assessment, identification of problems & challenges
  • Discussion with clients of potential garden options for property
  • Creation of design plan based on client’s choices and tastes

Personal Coaching
  • Sourcing plants and other materials
  • Hands-on learning about garden planting and maintenance
  • Guidance with implementing plans generally
  • Support over the first season
Renovation and Renewal
  • Overgrown gardens or difficult areas
  • Rock gardens and other special gardens
  • Creation of all season outdoor interest
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