Josie Pazdzior, Ottawa Personal Gardening Coach: About myself
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“Before becoming a professional gardener, I taught high school and operated a bed and breakfast in Ottawa. I enjoy meeting people and working with them as a coach; this kind of teaching is informal, one-on-one, active mentoring, which I find very rewarding. The first step is to assess the site and gardening conditions, then discuss with clients what they want/need in an outdoor space, and how to achieve it. I can show you how to choose plants to suit your design tastes, space, and budget, and how to plant and maintain them as your garden matures. I also love working with stone, which creates a good home for many plants.”

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers
I had the good fortune to meet Josie Pazdzior, Master Gardener, when I was looking for help in re-designing and refreshing our unruly and overgrown back garden. Having little knowledge myself, I was particularly interested in having someone who would take on the whole job … the design, sourcing and planting … and the spring and fall maintenance. Starting in the summer of 2018 and then continuing this spring, she has completely redone our back garden with new plantings, including a lovely rock garden. Josie purchased plants as and when she saw them available and even shared plants from her own garden. Throughout the process she consulted regularly and shared her knowledge as appropriate, all of which was greatly appreciated! We now have a beautiful garden to be proud of.
Lotta and Bruce

Josie took into account my limited skill/knowledge and made a plan for our garden that fits our lives. Our garden is stunning and I often notice passersby stopping to admire the flowers. She also selected plants that bloom at different times throughout the spring/summer/fall so that my garden is constantly transforming beautifully. She was also thoughtful towards my young children, considering different ways they could learn and contribute to the growth of the plants, and even brought flower-shaped cookies one day! She has been approachable and available for questions well after the garden was established. I would recommend Josie to anyone looking to create a garden.
Kirsten and Marc

I have a tiny garden that I found difficult to work with because of location, soil condition and lighting. I was about to give up when I was referred to Josie, who developed and executed a plan that worked beautifully. What appeared at first to be a small job turned out to be a tough challenge when Josie discovered that she had to dig up and recondition the soil and get rid of old roots, weeds and rocks. The garden flourished in its first year. Then this spring, Josie dropped by to clear out the dead stuff and make sure that the garden was ready for the coming season. Thank you, Josie!

I was told Josie Pazdzior was a master gardener, and she certainly did not disappoint!  She turned our tired, unappealing garden into a splendid, eye-catching piece of art.  She listened to my vision of what I wanted for our property which is situated on a corner, and quickly went to work researching plants and ornamental trees, and came up with a plan that was both beautiful and extremely affordable.  She was always pleasant and easy to work with. Her suggestion to add an arbor for climbing plants was a stroke of genius!  Thank you, Josie!
Dianne and Ted


The three planters Josie did for us are absolutely beautiful: the prettiest I have ever seen. She also did a lovely side garden for the condo. Now when I go out or come home and see what Josie has done I hope she will do more for the condo next year once the city has finished pulling up our street and sidewalk. If anyone needs help with their garden and wants to improve their property I would highly recommend Josie, who has an imaginative use of colours and is so pleasant and fun to work with.
Sally and Bobby

Josie is a very pleasant woman who helped with the difficult task of redoing a common garden at our condo.

The five people on our gardening committee each had ideas on what our garden should look like.  Josie listened carefully to all our ideas and concerns and came up with a very pleasing design for everyone.

Josie worked very hard to clear our area, then actively pursued finding new and interesting plants from various sources at reasonable prices.  She assisted with establishing our new garden, often working beyond her time limit.

She followed up to make sure everything was growing and receiving the appropriate care, adjusting as necessary. She continues to guide us.

I feel very confident recommending Josie to anyone wishing a more beautiful garden.
Dianne and condo garden group


Josie Pazdzior is a garden genius! She is so creative, professional, and accommodating in her work. She created a design for our back yard that really responded to our needs. It is beautiful and practical and took into account our ideas too – including re-using plants we already had and the importance of accommodating our family dog. The project involved creating four perennial beds and incorporating a gorgeous stone pathway that winds its way between them. The result is a fabulous, peaceful space that is designed to bloom from early spring until late fall. Working with Josie was a pleasure and we highly recommend her work.
Pat and Gilles


Thank you, Josie, for all your advice over the past two years. Your expert knowledge and passion for gardening has helped us improve our knowledge, our garden and the curb appeal of our home! We certainly are loyal customers.
Rob and Lisa


Josie guided me through the design and detailed planting of a new garden, proving to be a highly knowledgeable and patient coach. She showed me what to look for and why when choosing appropriate plants, and how they should be placed in the garden and cared for. Our work transformed a “weed patch” into a delightful creation that is well balanced, thriving, and very pleasing to the eye.
Q. Graham


Josie helped me transform an unattractive yard of uneven patio stones, scrub grass and weeds into a tiny glowing jewel. A fragrant, tranquil space where I can sip tea and watch butterflies, bees and hummingbirds flit from flower to flower while performing their pollination magic. Thank you Josie for helping bring my vision to life.
Frances J.